Practice files


Practice files

- 'virtual singer' as individual satb parts 

- choir  as sung version     eg   link

- you tube as indiv instrumental parts with rolling score

midi file practice links: You tube with score:
My heart is inditing  
Let thy hand  
The king shall rejoice  
Zadok 4part;   Zadok 7part s1s2a1a2; ten; b1; b2




 Handel   virtual singer *        
satb emphasised



Let thy hand

My heart is inditing

The king shall rejoice

Zadok 4partZadok 7part






You tube   score and
emphasised parts links
  sop alto ten bass all





Practice files - choir  as sung tutti version

                      - virtual singer as individual satb parts 

* eg Gabrieli: press      then ► to play; as it sounded in 1600!

'Virtual Singer' has three training levels:

1) only contains an individual part (say, alto), plus metronome clicks to learn tempo and understand score;
2) all choir voices present, but individual part emphasized compared to others;
3) all voices synthesized with same sound and same volume.
Initially, singer should learn their part using first two levels, then test knowledge by singing over the third-level audio track.

Also can slow tempo or keep repeating same bars

wink The initial benefits outweigh the weaknesses?

Latin text  <link>